Behind the lens...

Is me, Candice, a thirtysomething mum of two, social worker by trade, and professional photographer by chance, determination, hard work and a bit of soul searching. I love to chat about just about anything, enjoy great coffee and far too much chocolate. I like to think of myself as a storyteller who never quite gets to the punchline, so instead I'd rather just immerse myself in other people's stories and let them tell me where things begin and end, and I'll do all of the colouring in-between. I'm pretty frank, and pretty transparent. Let's call it authentic, and I hope you appreciate that. I'm not for everyone, and neither is my photography, and that's OK with me. The creative world is choc full of options, and I hope that if you choose me, my work will make its way from the digital world into your private world, adorning your walls... so if I'm not for you, then that's OK and I hope you find an artist who is. And see, already I think I've missed my punchline... 

Why More Than Words?

I get asked this more often that you think. And no it's not because I'm a diehard Extreme fan, although the song is pretty fab... and I digress. My photography style is a little different, because I'm not after the perfectly posed. I'm not here to create a moment, and take a picture of it. I'm here to discover those moments amongst all the rest, and capture it, in all its quirky, cuddly, drooly, snotty, wild, teary, loud (or whatever comes in between) glory. I want to capture whatever and whoever YOU are, and show you that the real is truly beautiful. 

My most favourite images of my past clients are often the imperfect- what some might call an outtake- usually a second or frame after the classic posed shot has melted away. Someone's back might be hunched, or someone's body might look, aesthetically speaking, slightly awkward. But the connection- the real interaction- is exquisite. It's enthralling, inescapable... you don't even notice whats imperfect anymore, because that connection is unbridled, and pure beauty. Love, laughter, connection- is visible, and captured, in that image. Imperfect. but perfect all the same. Just like true love, right? No one can really describe that love, that realness, and no one could ever really describe your lovestory, your family's ups and downs and what gets you all through the hard days. But I think those images of those real connections, those pure, authentic moments, tell that story, More Than Words ever really could... And that's what I aspire to do for you, with every single frame I capture. Find that realness, squeeze it out, tickle it, bring light to it, and grab hold of it and present it to you for you to treasure long after that moment has ended. 

I'm a storyteller, who is really bad at getting to the punchline. But lucky for you, photos don't need them, anyway. 



Proud Photographer for the ACT Heartfelt Team