And suddenly, before you know it...

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Your Babe is Turning One...

That First Birthday Milestone is, let's face it, a pretty big deal. Not only is it a birthday, but it means you all made it in one piece, through the blur of babyhood. They've grown and learned and changed and before you know it, have become this little human being full of sass and spunk and humour and all of that just simply must be frozen in time...


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Sohpia's Birthday Session-114.JPG

What kind of Session can I do?

Well seeing as it's your child, I guess you get a say, right? Jokes! In all seriousness, I love doing different- if you've looked around my website, you'll see that I really, really, really love to try new things, and tell the story as you want it told. My past First Birthday Sessions have included a milk bath, a vintage theme, teepee picnic, wildflowers and hot air balloon theme amongst many others- some with a smash, and some without. Other parents have chosen to have a Family Session at this time, to properly update the family album. 

It's all up to you. Let's chat about your ideas to mark this amazing milestone in your child's life.