Hello World! Sessions

In those first hours, whilst still in hospital... 


Those incredible first hours. Mum getting to know that little squirmer earthside. Dad getting to meet the little person behind the fuzzy black and white image on the sonographer's screen. Big sister or big brother inspecting this new "baby" everyone has talking about for so long. Those very first hours. So incredibly precious, and so very fleeting.
I know when I had my own second little lady that I was hauled up in bed, c-section aching, trying to get those moments on camera.... but also desperately wanting to just sit back and enjoy as big sister met little sister, and daddy soaked up the revelation of having two amazing daughters to protect and love. 
Let me come and capture those moments for you, so you can just enjoy the moment for what it is- a moment. Let me hover around your hospital bed, get all the flattering angles so you can look back on these images and see the beauty that is the new addition to your family's Lovestory, and not worry about that post-birth puffiness or exquisite exhaustion.

The fee for this session includes:

  • My time, experience, and creative eye to capture your family's memories
  • A fully and professionally edited online, secure gallery with both black and white and colour images. 

These sessions are held in your hospital room, within the first 2-3 days of birth. Of course, if your baby has needed time in NICU or SCN and its a little later than that, that is absolutely fine with me. 
If you are looking for a session that is after you leave hospital, please have a look at my Lifestyle Newborn Sessions that are done in the comfort of your own home. 

For your peace of mind, I am fully immunised, and I have a WWCC and a WWVP card as well.